Great flavors take time...

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"People believe that the best sauces come from common places, the truth is, they are kept well hidden from the public"

At KIB we believe in the perfect balance between hot and flavor. The fine line has pushed us to create amazing sauces for anyone looking to compliment their foods. We have a range from mild to very hot and this gives everyone a chance to try KIB.

"Food is intended to bring people together."

We want to compliment our customers culinary experience in unique ways. We strive to keep improving and offering tasty and hot experiences for everyone to enjoy. At KIB we believe that food innovation stems from new flavors. 

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Social Responsibilities

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We work with a group of women from this region that oversee the whole process from harvesting, to the production of the sauce itself. This creates jobs and incentives for these rural areas of the country.

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Our peppers come from a region called Verapaz and it is composed by two independent states (Alta & Baja). The area is an agricultural heaven and it produces the best peppers in Central America. 

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This region gives great tasting peppers because they come from soil rich in minerals, thanks to the mountains and volcanoes in the area. 

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