Large Cobanero

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- Sauce made with cobanero peppers 
and smoked with local woods.

- This sauce has
more kick and an intense flavor.

- This pepper is grown in the verapaces
region of northern Guatemala.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size/                                 5g

Servings Per Container/                60

Calories/                                         5.97cal

Calories from Fat/                          5.49cal

Total Fat/                                         2g (3% Daily Value)

Saturated Fat/                                0.5g (3% Daily Value)

Cholesterol/                                   0mg (0% Daily Value)

Sodium/                                          60mg (3% Daily Value)

Total Carbohydrate/                      0g (0% Daily Value)

Protein/                                          0g (0% Daily Value)

- Vitamin A/ 0%                               -Vitamin C/ 0%                                

-Calcium/ 0%                                   -Iron/ 0%